Friday, August 30, 2013

School and Sunflowers....

First week of school here and gone. a flash!  We made it through the week.  Always good to get the first week out of the way.  All the jitters, and unknown involved with starting something new.  My kids love their little classes, and are blessed with great teachers.  The older my kids get, the more I appreciate GOOD TEACHERS!  

Mikey and Alyssa were both a bit nervous for their first day of school.  To be honest, I was nervous for them.  It brought back lots of memories of firsts.  Firsts can definitely be a bit unnerving.

I love this quote I recently pinned. 
Not that starting school means storms...but this quote inspired me a bit this week.  


Mikey's soccer practice happens be held about 50 yards away from the largest sunflowers I have ever seen.

They are making me happy every time I drive by them.  

During one of his practices we snuck over for some pics.  

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