Saturday, February 8, 2014

What a Day...what a DAy!!

Mike working over 100 hours this week.....really cold, tons of ice....hence the craft project above.  Something to ease the pain....:)
A little head wreath.  Why am I so obsessed with head wreaths?:)  Kind of random I know.  I made this wreath with paper, vintage velvet leaves, and old tinsel from my antique store I love.  I wish I could get away with wearing it.  
Don't worry....I won't try.

Most darling Valentine from my Mom's favorite cousin GeNee.  She is amazing....and my Mom surely loved/loves her.  They would talk and talk on the phone for HOURS:)  Thank you dear GeNee.  I LOVE Valentine's day.   I have a couple of gifts I am getting ready to send out myself:)

Cath going to her first birthday party.  She was super excited.  I can't resist taking like a million pictures of her.  I know it may seem vain...but she is just at this fun little age that doesn't last for very long:( And she is a HAM!!!

I am ready for this weekend to be over.  Does that sound strange?   

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