Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Funeral.

So one of the things therapeutic for me has been to listen to my Moms funeral often.  It helps me feel close to her and close to my family while living away from Utah.  I feel love for my Mom, and for my brothers and sister, and Dad.  Hearing what they have to say about Mom just makes me happy. One of the things that has brought our family peace during this time, have been the times we have sat around and just talked about all of the amazing and fun, and funny experiences with Mom.  We each feel she mothered us differently and brilliantly.  Her greatest happiness came from being a mother, and what a blessing that was for us growing up.  What an example.  So kids have become use to having the funeral in the background, in the car, or just at home.  I had a touching moment a few nights ago.  Alyssa was having a hard time falling asleep, like usual, and like usual I was a little frustrated.:)  So I suggested we put more music on for her.  She then looked at me and asked if she could listen to Grandma's funeral.  At first I was little shocked, and then wondered if it was a little morbid.  But then I realized that it brought her peace to listen about Grandma and to hear her Aunt, Uncles, and cousins participate in the services.  She loves my Mom and misses her too.  We are all trying to continue to keep her with us during our days.  Listening the funeral often for me has helped.


GeNee said...

The other day I found a note your mother had written to me. It was so nice to read it again. Kathy had such beautiful handwriting. I loved what you said about your daughter. That funeral was so beautiful and touched us all. I miss her quite a bit. I wanted to tell her something today and nearly every day I have the same thought.

Alicia said...

I live in Washington and wasn't able to go although I would have really liked to. I have enjoyed talking to my mom about all the fun times she had with her cousin. Your mom was a beautiful and wonderful lady. She always had so many compliments to give! And she always had an inner confidence that I admired when she was in a room and would make sure that each person in the room felt included and appreciated for something---even if it was just the pretty sweater they had on! :-) She had a good way of making people feel comfortable and belonging.

lauren said...

I have been thinking about you a lot. It is so hard. I wish we never had to experience life changing events like this. I am so glad you have the funeral to listen to - it sounds so comforting. Just take it day by day. I love you..